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artist: The Hardcoholics
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Everything starts in 1994 With Dj Loky and Kyo_O, they quikly began popular in the hardcore scene. Their style, firmly placed in this sound, is uncompromising, brutal and ruff. They released 3 records on BEAST rec (Dj Oliveís label) then other labels follow like Epileptik, Psychik Genocide and Hard Corps.

 In 2000 they decided to create their own label and Noise Factory was born. The success was unexpected, crossing the borders, and still there after more than 30 records. They also met Hellfish who decided to release 2 records on Deathchant. At the same time they release on D.Y.E., Psychik Genocide...

During a bloody summer they finally finish their first Album called "Total Immersion" the result is a furious mix of all their influences from the 90ís blending the various incantations of our ultra modern society without sink into the recovery, a rare quality.

In 2002 LeeloO joins the crew and takes her place into the live act performance following by many parties across France and many other European countries like Swiss, Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, Netherland and Canada. Unfortunately, in 2004, Kyo_O decided to take a break and left the band.

Their sound is definitely specific, blend of hip-hop, breakbeats, saturated melody and Kicks. They can srtike from 140 to 280BPM, real music lovers they find their inspiration in different styles like Hip-Hop, Trip-Hop, Rock, Classic, Newbeat and Belgian & German techno.

Their latest album called  "Slower & Faster" is released on Noise Factory Records (NFLP03). Those who became "The Hardcoholics" today never stop burning parties all over Europe.

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